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Welcome Home Program in Pearland, Texas
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Moving from a hospital or long-term care facility back into your home can be challenging. There are physical and emotional needs to be met, which is not always possible for every family due to time constraints or financial obligations. Dusk To Dawn Care has a Welcome Home Program, which is an affordable way to make sure you or your loved one receive the best care that will facilitate a smoother transition.
Welcome Home Program in Pearland, Texas

Services Included

Our Welcome Home Program includes the following services.

  • Ensure all personal belongings are packed and ready for the move
  • Assistance during the transport from the care facility or hospital to your home
  • Ensure all medical devices and treatments arrive and are ready for use. They can provide instructions and assist with the initial setup
  • Pick up and deliver prescription medications
  • Assess the home for safety and make changes as necessary, such as removing items and cords from walkways and creating a more accessible environment
  • Ensure the home is clean and safe if it has been left uninhabited for an extended period. This includes cleaning out food that may have spoiled from your fridge or pantry
  • Shop for groceries and prepare meals
  • Assist with personal care tasks such as dressing, bathing, and hygiene
  • Run errands and pick up necessary items

Who Can Benefit From Our Welcome Home Program?

Anyone who has experienced a long stay at a hospital or care facility can benefit from our Welcome Home Program.

Welcome Home Program in Fort Bend county

Everyone needs help sometimes, and with the many tasks that come with returning home, having an extra set of hands can make a huge difference.

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